Monday, December 17, 2012

Final Project Final Images

Mapping Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a city full of many fascinating locations that can be easily overlooked due to a busy city lifestyle. People often get caught up experiencing the same things over and over because it becomes something familiar. With this project I want to encourage people to explore and get to know their city. I combined some of the locations I personally enjoy with locations I received from other people.  For each location I created a triptych of images to give the viewer a small sense of the location. They begin to understand the colors and textures present at the location. The images don’t explicitly give away the location but are meant to create an interest in the location and experiencing it physically as well as visually. Each triptych is labeled with its location’s GPS coordinates that match a pin on the Google.Maps map also titled with the coordinates. The viewer is meant to be able to access the locations. It is my hope that the reason they want to access the location is because the images created a visual interest and there is a desire to experience it physically as well.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Final Project Proposal

For my final project I am going to continue down a similar path as project three. For my final I am going to take a different approach and consider locations in Milwaukee that are more hidden, secret, or have some personal significance. Using the idea of geocaching ( and the concept of a treasure hunt and searching for hidden things or locations as inspiration, I am going to go to a variety of locations (10+) and shoot using my fixed 50mm lens. I will focus on taking close up shots showing detail and texture, this will be done easier with my fixed 50mm lens because it reaches f1.8 giving me a much shallower depth of field. I will shoot close ups rather than vast landscapes to keep the location more unknown and attempt to create visual interest and hopefully interest in the location its self. I am going to display these images in a set of three images or triptych for each location. Each image's title will be its gps coordinates. This will allow someone to be able to find the location if they really wish to put in the extra effort.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Project 3 Proposal

For this revisiting and revised project I want to create "postcard" images of landmarks in Milwaukee. I'm taking inspiration from Thomas Kellner and David Hockney because of the way they took quintessential images and broke them up and rearranged them to challenge their perfection. I want to I want to take photos of Milwaukee landmarks from all different angles and during different times/lighting conditions and combine them into one photograph. I'm considering creating them at postcard size or possibly larger to better see the detail.